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How many diets have you been on? Five? Thirty? How often have you started a new exercise program? Did you succeed, or did you fail, or worse – did you succeed and then have all of those pounds come back anyway, even though you continued to exercise?

Don’t worry – it’s not your fault. Your body is a microcosm of scientific processes that don’t come with a manual. Until now.

A Harvard Researcher Leaks Long Held Secrets of Weight Loss

Wesley Virgin, author of The Fat Diminisher System, happened upon a lucky bit of scientific revelation when he was given the keys to fat loss from a Harvard med student. This student, Wesley’s friend, had an old binder full of weight loss secrets that aren’t shared with those of us packing extra weight. No one knows why, but this binder was such a secret that Wesley’s friend was expelled from the university for sharing it.

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Wesley himself is a diet and exercise expert. He has been a physical trainer in the military for a number of years and at the time he discovered these secrets, he was preparing out of shape soldiers for war. Their fat ratios had gone up while at home and they needed to lose that weight to be able to perform better and to make it in harsh desert conditions. Wesley put his newfound knowledge to use on these soldiers – and it worked. They lost, on average, 10 lbs. the first week, and went on to lose 20 more in the next three weeks.

Now, obviously, you aren’t enrolling in boot camp anytime soon, but hard and exacting exercise isn’t what did it for these men. Remember – they’re soldiers. They were used to exercise and were probably pretty regular at practicing it. What made them lose the weight was the application of the scientific principles that Wesley read in that binder. What melted away the fat congregating on their bellies was the science in The Fat Diminisher system.


Also in Wesley’s circle of social influence at that time was a woman that was going through some weight troubles of her own. She had tried every diet in the metaphorical book and none of them had worked for her in the long term, and some didn’t even work in the short term. What’s worse, is that one day, she told Wesley that she had had a heart attack due to how fat and body chemistry were affecting her. Her triglycerides were high, she was borderline diabetic, and had hypertension and high blood pressure. Her body was failing her, but sadly, she felt like she was failing her body. Wesley wondered if the knowledge he now had could help her.

It could. The woman, Patricia Wron, lost 38 lbs. in four weeks without ever increasing her exercise and without ‘dieting’. She simply followed the plan outlined in the blue binder. Lucky for the rest of us that Wesley now shares that same information in his Fat Diminisher System book. What’s more, Patricia’s body chemistry returned to normal levels and she is now healthy.

How and Why Conventional Weight Loss Wisdom is Wrong

The greatest part of it is that it goes back on so much conventional diet “wisdom” that you discover that some of the things you crave, yet deny yourself are in actual fact – good for you and are fat burning. Well, they’re not actually fat burning, but they increase your body’s ability to process and thusly get rid of stored fat and use what’s coming in for fuel. That’s what was in the old binder – what minerals, chemicals, and fats promote your body’s ability to run efficiently, and the opposite – what’s been holding it up.

So you must be wondering, what Wes, as a fitness expert thought about the ground breaking research in weight loss when he first read it. He’s been in the biz a long time, he’s the founder of 7DayFitness, and was already well-known in the international weight loss and fitness communities. Well, in short, it knocked him on his feet. Mr. Virgin basically says that it made him question everything he had previously taken as fitness gospel.

The conventional advice is to combine good dietary habits with exercises. That’s not terrible advice, and it works for young people – up to a point. Do you remember how svelte the athletes, cheerleaders, and dancers at your high school were and how odd it was to see them ten years later, swollen with fat in their mid-sections and thighs? Perhaps you were one of them. What works for us when we’re young, doesn’t work later. The main source of the problem is explained in the Fat Diminisher System.

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You see, while your choice of foods does matter, and moderate exercise is important, the excessive nature of typical diets and exercise programs actually works against your body’s natural ability to shed fat, or even to use calories properly. By understanding the science of how your body’s metabolism and chemistry works, as outlined in The Fat Diminisher System, you will learn how to effectively manage your weight without suffering through diets that give you headaches or exercise programs that damage your ligaments, muscles, and even your heart.

As you grow older, your metabolism naturally slows down. Sort of. It slows down for most Westerners. One of Wesley Virgin’s first aha moments when he read from that blue binder was that what he was reading sounded similar to the way that people in the Far East lived. It outlined the science behind all of it and how to use the herbs and minerals in specific orders and ways, but he recognized that Asians had likely been enjoying the benefits of parts of this knowledge for millennia without even realizing it. They remain younger and slimmer looking than Westerners, no matter what age they are. What he found was that the Western diet does things to your body chemistry that slows your metabolism and that it isn’t just an aspect of age that we can’t get around.

It all comes down to biology. Metabolism is the gear that runs the machinery that is your body. When you gum up the works with years of yo-yo dieting, and bad exercise habits (including over-exercise), then that machine can’t work properly. Your body is designed to ingest food, convert it to energy, and burn that food off. If you don’t use all of that food energy, it stores some away for later – just in case you starve yourself again. With The Fat Diminisher System, you’ll learn how to stop abusing your metabolism and other functions of your body, and even reverse some of the damage you’ve already done.

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It’s not that conventional science and wisdom are completely wrong; it’s that they’ve been presented to you and others in ways that lead to misinformation and misunderstanding. Carbs are still carbs, proteins are still proteins, and vitamins, minerals, and herbs are still important nutrients. All of things coalesce to provide your body with the building blocks to create energy so that you can operate at full capacity of good health. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, anyway. Now, with the secrets Wesley Virgin learned from his friend, it will work the way it was always mean to.

Until now, most diet and exercise programs have been extreme. They do result in weight loss, but their damage to the body only results in added weight gain later. Sometimes as little as a few weeks later. One diet will tell you to eat mostly protein, another might tell you to eat only certain fruits, an exercise program may have you working so hard that if it were actual work it would be abuse. These programs also manipulate science, but not in an effective, lasting, or safe way. They are quick fixes that are harmful.

The Program that works Smarter, not Harder

worksmarter-smallConversely, The Fat Diminisher System shows you what elements of the foods, herbs, and minerals you consume are effective in running your body at the optimal level for energy management. It gives you the formula for what to eat, the best times to eat, and how much you need of each type of food.

One of the best things about The Fat Diminisher System is that it detoxifies your body and reverses the abuse it’s received from fast and famine, over indulgence in chemical additives, and diet fallacies that have damaged the function of your liver and kidneys. By reducing the causes of metabolic acidosis, which impedes your kidney’s ability to properly process food acids, and by getting rid of toxic and heavy metals, your body will return to the ability it had to shed weight when you were younger.

The system outlines how, with the proper consumption of herbs and minerals in the right order, participants can lose up to 10% of their body fat. The great news is that when you lose 10% of your body fat, your body is optimized to continue to lose even more and to reverse problems like PCOS, thyroid, and other fat causing issues. Those issues are the ones that specifically deposit fat on your belly and thighs – the hardest fat to get rid of. Until now.

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What will amaze you is that there are foods included in The Fat Diminisher System program that you have been previously told not to consume. In fact, the original soldiers that first tested the beginnings of this program with Virgin were overjoyed to eat ice cream! The first weekend of the experiment, they all lost weight while eating ice cream. How great is that?

What you’ll get from reading and using The Fat Diminisher System is this:

  • An understanding of how certain herbs, minerals, and other nutrients can increase your metabolic rate, improve your kidney function to shed weight, and benefit your overall health
  • What veggies you can get out of eating! Some vegetables are actually counterproductive when it comes to weight loss and you’ll learn which ones to avoid.
  • You’ll enjoy the benefits of detoxing with delicious recipes for detox drinks
  • Learning what salty and sweet snacks will help you lose weight
  • How to restructure your body the healthy way, with common sense, safe exercise, a great mental attitude, and a program that makes sense in real life

What’s fantastic about The Fat Diminisher System is that Wesley has written it in a way that easy to understand. Even if you’ve always hated science and math, this program is put forward in a way that you’ll get it so completely that you’ll be able to do the program without having to put a lot of thought into it.

It’s also a very healthy way to lose weight. You won’t lose weight too fast, and you’ll gain muscle. One great thing about gaining muscle is that even when you’re sitting on your butt, you’re still burning fat. Can’t say that for excessive cardio!

Implementing the Fat Diminisher System is Easy

All of the foods that Wesley recommends in The Fat Diminisher System are easy to find at your local grocery store. You won’t have to go online searching for supplements or hard to find ingredients. The additions Wesley makes to your diet are easy to incorporate and enjoyable to eat or drink.

There are no heart pounding, sharp tasting diet pills or supplements to take and you won’t get out of breath or overworked doing crazy exercises. Wesley is a professional fitness trainer that knows the detrimental effects that such supplements and over abuse of the body can have on weight loss. He combines that expert knowledge with the science he learned, to bring you a program that results in permanent weight loss.

One of the best parts of The Fat Diminisher System is Wes’s compassionate understanding of how frustrating weight loss can be. He offers you encouragement, and community. Wesley started this program from his heart and the intention of improving lives across the world.

Other bonus books and programs that might interest those looking for whole health improvement are The Truth About Veggies, The Four Minute Belly Diminish Program, and The Most Powerful Sex Food and Stimulants. These books take The Fat Diminisher quick start program to the next level.


So, if you want to improve your overall health, and begin an easier approach to diet and exercise that results in greater and more sustained weight loss, give The Fat Diminisher System a try.

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